#123 Addams Family Musical

Tonight I went to Nature Coast Technical High School to see my cousin Brandon in his first musical performance. It was the first school play I have seen that could closely compare to a Broadway production. The music, singing, acting, dancing, costumes, and props were all way beyond anything I would expect of a high school. We had a great time. Super proud of my cousin for getting the role of Pugsley and performing it so well.


#122 St. Augustine

Whenever I want to travel somewhere knew, I normally I take months to plan a trip. I carefully research hotels, activities, eateries. I do not move out of my home until every minute of the day has an itinerary.

This weekend I took a very impulsive poorly planned trip to St Augustine. I have to say that poorly planned does not equal to a horrible time. It was the best time ever! All I did was acquire a hotel room for the weekend, the rest I did randomly and it was great!

Friday after work I drove to St. Augustine and hung out resting at the hotel room.Watched the series finally of Vampire Diaries.

Saturday morning I woke really early and went over to Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park where I got to go to the planetarium,  see and feed peacocks, and drink from the spring itself. Walked the entire park enjoying the views and the breeze. Tried to see Mission Nombre de Dios and Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche a few blocks away but it was closed due to hurricane damages. I did get to tour the museum there though. I then met up with Stephanie for lunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company. I had the Sticky Maple. Delicious. We walked the Castillo de San Marcos saw the cannon firing demonstration. Then she had to go and my phone was dying so I went to the hotel to rest before my Ghost and Gravestones tour. It was so much fun. We got to see the old drug store, potters wax museum, and the old jail.

On Sunday I woke early again to explore the city on my own by foot. I parked near the visitors center, walked to the old city gates, went back to Castillo, walked the Bridge of Lions, and went to the Spanish Military Museum. Stephanie met up with me again for lunch at a Cuban restaurant and then for desert at Le Macaron. She left again and I went to the Oldest Wooden School House, then took a tour of the Whetstone Chocolate Factory before heading home. There were a few things I did not get a chance to see and do so I will definitely be heading back. Perhaps next year.

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#121 Strawberry Festival

Had a great day out with Christina and Corey. We headed out to Coney Island Drive in for some Poutine, then randomly headed out to the Strawberry Festival out in Plant City. Which really looked a lot like the real Coney Island. So we had a very Coney Island kind of day. We walked around enjoying the view. Seeing a few music shows. Ate some strawberry shortcake. Headed home. Felt like a short day, but it was still fun.

#120 Dames Caves

Went to Dames Caves today for my Uncles Birthday. Most were too steep and narrow for me to try and go down into. I did make it to the bottom of one of them (apparently the main one) and I was very proud I got up the courage to do so. It was so weird that it was such a hot day yet when I crawled into one of the caves it felt like someone turned on the air conditioning. My videos are hard to see, so I encourage who ever reads this to YouTube Dames Caves in Citrus County. I would link some to these but I don’t want people to get angry at me for doing so. It was a nice place. Kind of makes me want to find other locations like it in Florida.

#119 Eventful Day

Today has been a crazy eventful day. It started off with everyone going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Christina and Corey finished asking everyone to be part of their bridal party. Me included! I am going to be a bridesmaid! I really wasn’t expecting it. With all their siblings and friends I never thought I would get asked, but they did and I happily accepted. I felt so honored. After breakfast, we all headed out to the Brooksville Native American Festival. I love it so much. I went last year as well, and I think I will definitely make it an annual thing. I dressed up a little this year, bought some new things, even a CD. Had some arepas with lemonade. Didn’t get the bison this year. Sat enjoying the music and watching the dancing for quite some time. Love it!

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