#128 Side Splitters

An early Mother’s Day Celebration at Side Splitters with the family. Before last night I had never gone to a comedy club. It was a great first experience. Got to see Eric Grady and Dale Jones. They were incredibly funny. Loved the show. Laughed so much I had a few tears. Received a free admission for two. Not sure why. The waiter just handed it to me. Guess I will be going again. Not sure when.


#127 Artistically Tipsy: Margarita Caravela

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tonight I went over to Christina and Corey’s to enjoy some amazing pasta a la Corey, maragaritas, and Artistically Tipsy! We chose to draw caravela’s which is more of a day of the dead than cinco de mayo but we went with it anyway! As always the painting was fun. Happy that this time Ashley was able to join us. She is always working and is forever missing our painting sessions.

#126 Artistically Tipsy: Dreams

Went to the pool today. First time since last summer that I got a chance to swim. Unfortunately, I got a massive sun burn, but I feel better now that we got to paint! Again! We googled an example of a dream catcher online and then using it as inspiration we created our own! I think they came out great! We are really loving this painting thing!

#125 Artistically Tipsy: Bridge of Stars

All of us had fun today at the Blueberry Festival and Coney Island Drive In. The blueberry pies were way to expensive however, so my family decided to go to Walmart to purchase their blueberry pies. While there, we saw that they had canvases on sale, so we decided to have a painting night with alcoholic beverages. We decided to call it Artistically Tipsy to avoid troubles.  We all decided on a photo and painted it in our own ways. The results were pretty nice. I didn’t think it would be successful. It was fun and cheap. I hope we can do it again.

#124 Painting with A Twist

Spent a few hours with my co-workers at Painting with a Twist Spring Hill. I had a fun time listening to music while painting. It has been such a long time since I did so. I felt a little awkward as every one there was paining “Chill Night Out” a couples paining with their spouses, while I created half a view by myself. Nevertheless, it was nice to meet some new people. I have never been to a team building work function before. Hope to enjoy more in the future.