#166 SeaWorld

Jesse came down to Florida for another visit. He got here Monday afternoon and we have spent the entire week together. We visited the caves, the park, watched the sunset at the beach, watched TV, played card games, went to dinner, and went swimming. On Tuesday he drove me to work so we could spend time together on the drive, he picked me up from work during lunch so we could eat, then he picked me up from work at the end of the day. On Wednesday I got home to a sweet beautiful bouquet of flowers. He met my mom for the first time and they get along and she likes him.

It has been a life long dream of my moms to go see “Shamu”, so as a mother’s day gift I decided to take her to SeaWold yesterday. The three of us drove out to Orlando early in the morning and spent the entire day at the park. We had a great time. We walked the entire park but didn’t do much. All three of us are not very big fans of crowds and neither one of them can really get on rides due to their anxieties and claustrophobia. We mostly watched all the shows available at the theaters around the park like the orca’s and the bottle-nosed dolphins. That was the entire point of the trip anyway so it was worth it. My mom was super excited to see her whales at last. She looked like a little kid at Disney for most of the day. We drove back home a few hours before the park closed to avoid traffic jams. We had dinner and I spent a few last hours with Jess before he headed back home.

Today is officially mother’s day but I am not doing anything. I am too tired from the trip yesterday. I feel bad that I didn’t take her to a dinner or something today but my mother doesn’t mind because she had the best present ever!


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