#164 New Car

May 15th would have been two years with my very first car. I was looking forward to his “birthday” and hoping to have him for a lot longer. Unfortunately, for months now he seemed to get worse and worse. I was having problems with my tires, my breaks, and other things. My uncle fixed them and mechanics worked on him too, but it all kept messing up again. He was getting noisier by the day. The faster I went the louder he got. It got to the point where I did not want to drive above 50mph.

This morning on my way to work it got even worse. I could tell the transmission was going out. It would take more money to fix him than he was even worth. It broke my heart to let him go. I know it’s just material and maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so emotional to part with it, but I went through a lot in my life with that car. I was scared to drive it though and my mother kept freaking out about it. I think she envisioned me in the worst possible car accident ever. Tonight after work, I went to a dealership and traded him in for a 2017 Nissan Altima. He’s way too fancy for me. On the plus side, it is the very same car I rented and drove my mom down to Florida in so it wont take too long to get used to. I hope I am blessed to have this new car for a very long time.


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