#163 Hamburger Mary’s

Yesterday was Brandon’s 17th Birthday. A few weeks ago I asked everyone what we should do and no one had anything planned so I came up with the idea to take him to Hamburger Mary’s. He is very into RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens, etc. I thought it would be a fun place for him to visit. Christina and Corey set everything up. Getting a reservation inviting his friends, coworkers, and his family. We did not tell him where we were going. It was my job to get him there. The entire ride he looked miserable thinking we were going to do something stupid and boring like go to the mall or just chill with family at his sisters house (which is ten minutes from the restaurant so the entire drive he thought we were just driving to her house). When he saw where we were going he went nuts. C&C got him a tiara and a sash. Our entire party took up two tables. The queens loved him. Kept calling him a flaming homosexual. They danced with him, sang to him, they even made him take a shot with all of them. Don’t worry they were aware how old he was so it was only cranberry juice. The food was amazing. I got a signature leg drink as did he and a few others in our party. It was a wonderful night of dancing, eating, and joking around. I am so happy he had a blast.  He was happy that we went out of our way to do something for him and take part of his world like he never thought we would do.


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