#162 May-Stringer House Family Visit

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I have been re-exploring some of my favorite locations with my mom showing her what Florida is all about. This week my aunt came to visit from NYC for her granddaughters birthday (who lives in Orlando). She decided to come down to Brooksville for the weekend and I showed them around the town. Took her and my mom to places neither of them had been to yet.

Went to the May-Stringer House which serves as the Hernando Historical Museum. They got to see many items at the museum that reminded them of their childhood. I loved this tour more than my first visit because this tour guide was much more informative. I tried to take them to the Tilted Teacup after but it was closed for a private reservation only Titanic event. I ended up taking them to Greek City Cafe instead then to Bayport so the girls could see the beach. Apparently with all the visits they make to Florida, they had yet to make it to the beach. I do not know how that happens but, I had fun taking everyone around. It was also nice to see my mom so happy. I think she was very excited to share her new life with her sister.


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