#156 February Revisits

I have spent the entire month revisiting some of my favorite places and events with my mother. Showing her how cool Florida can be, making her feel at home, and making sure she enjoys herself in a way she hasn’t been able to do in a long while.

February 3– We went to the Native American Festival for the third year in a row. We bought fold up camping chairs to have in the house for events such as these.We set up the chairs on the end of the dance circle. Spent most of the day sitting here watching the natives dance and sing to their music. We tried fry bread and bison burgers again. Couldn’t leave without those amazing arepa sandwiches as well.

February 4– We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. My mom loved their food, said it was the best breakfast place she has had in a long time. Usually she gets disappointed by places like IHOP.

February 10– Christina, Corey, Diana, Willie, Mother and I all went to the Weeki Wachee Preserve. We mostly just stayed at the cluster of lakes in spring hill and had a small picnic. 

February 17– I took my mom to the Homosassa Wildlife Park. Second time I use the annual pass. We got to see manatees again and her first time seeing some of the native animals Florida has to offer like the flamingos!

February 24– Yesterday I took my mom to EPCOT with Ashley. We saw Ashley’s new place (where she rooms with her work buddies). We picked her up there and we all drove to the park together. We walked around the world with my mom and she had a blast. She only went once years ago when I was little. She couldn’t get on any of the rides but I did get her a wheel chair so that we could get special seating at the back of theaters so she could see all of the shows/movies we could see. She had so much fun. We got to see some of the characters too. Like baymax! I finally got to meet my husband.

It’s been a fun and interesting month. Haven’t done very many new things I would normally take more time to write about, but it was all new for my mom. My time to try new things will come again soon! I’ve got another mini vacation in the works!


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