#155 Brooksville Raid 2018

Last year Corey and I went to the raid alone. He got sick and we ended up having to leave before we saw the actual reenactment. This year I took my mom and Diana. We rented chairs placed them in a decent spot. Had lunch. Walked around the vendors to see all the old timey stuff. I got a lemonade in an old bottle, something I really wanted last year that I didn’t get. Then we sat down to watch the battle. There were soldiers on foot shooting at each other and men on horses shooting on people. It was basically a bunch of shooting by several different groups both confederates and the union. Who won the battle? I don’t even remember. I wasn’t paying much attention. I was distracted by 7LBS of Bacon. No not actual bacon, a string band whose name is hilarious and music even more so. I actually got their CD and had them sign it and I listen to it in my car.



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