#146 Reunion

I spent this week with Jesse. Got to see him for the first time in almost ten years. He drove all the way down from West Virginia just to see me. We spent the week at locations I love going to like Dames Caves, Rogers Park, Linda Pederson Park, Pine Island Beach, Bayport, and Tom Varn Park. Went to a few restaurants. Mostly chilled at the apartment and had a few dinners while watching TV because I couldn’t take off from work. We also went to dinner at Christina and Corey’s where we had Sonny’s BBQ and watched the movie “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix. He also went on a few adventures of his own while he was alone. I got to go into my pool for the first time too, even though it was way too cold to swim in.  It was nice spending time with him again.

I also spent the weekend with my family at the Haunted Highway. This year I was a scarecrow. I scared the crap out of a little girl and it was very sad for me. Not sure if I can bring myself to do it again next year.



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