#144 Packing NYC

Last Friday after work, I left via plane to go to NYC to pack up my belongings. I knew I would absolutely hate it if someone else went through my stuff. So I flew out there and spent the entire weekend cooped up in the apartment destroying my room and putting it into boxes. Sorted through what needed to be thrown out, what I wanted to give away, and what I wanted to keep. It was long hard work. Mostly everything was covered in dust and mice poop and pee. My allergies went crazy. I got it all done and its ready to be shipped via movers (which I have yet to hire). The final move will take place in November. I can’t wait for it to be over. Its taking a toll on me. So much so that I missed work today. Yesterday after only having slept an hour I forced myself to go to work. I worked all day. Slept an hour at lunch. Then this morning I just could not function. I needed the rest. So I stayed home.


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