#143 Medieval Times

My cousins started off the day by gifting me a sword, shield,  battle axe,  and helmet. They said it was a clue to where we were going. All I could say is “We are going to battle?”

Turns out after lunch at Coney Island Drive Inn and a long drive out to Orlando, we headed for a quick walk through Disney Springs and the Coca Cola store, where I was punched in the face by the polar bear. While I surely did need a shield to keep that from happening I still did not see the correlation between Coca Cola and the battle gear.

It was not until our final stop that it all made sense. We had finally arrived at Medieval Times Orlando! My first time at one. I had always wanted to go to the one in Jersey but never had a car to make it there.

It was awesome. They had a full medieval Village that was pretty much a small museum with examples of life back in the days. We then went inside where we got our tickets, were given the black and white team to cheer on, and given some pretty kick ass team cheering swag.

We sat at our seats where we were served tomato bisque soup with garlic bread, a  roasted half chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, and pastry of the Castle, with drink (lemonade, coke, water). We also got wine. We watched the tournament unfold before us while a wicked plot unfolded before our eyes. It was brutal, there was death, there was royalty, nobles, peasants, etc. It was really awesome. I had a great time and would enjoy doing it again sometime.


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