#138 Joy in Florida

Guess who came to tooooooooown! Joy! We had the most amazing day which I will tell you about quickly because I feel like I am dying.

She got here yesterday. I wanted to spend the day doing stuff but between her train ride being massively delayed, the nasty pit stop we made at a Tampa Checkers, and just an overall long journey we decided to chill at home after freshening up. Also went to target briefly. Yay fun! Target! A place she’s never been to before in her life.

Anyways, early this morning I showed her around my town a bit; the botanical garden, the flea markets, etc. Then we went on a small road trip to Orlando where we rented the hotel for a couple of nights. Once we settled in to the hotel, went to pick up my cousin Ashley from her job, where she got us in to EPCOT for free! The food and wine festival was going on so we got to try some food, a new cotton candy drink, walk around the world, and saw some shows. We didn’t really have much time before the park closed so we didn’t get to do much but we still saw a lot. Ended the day with just one ride, Soarin. Because of course we cannot leave the park with out at least getting on that one ride. Great fun.

We’ve just now gotten back to the hotel to rest our tired little feet because tomorrow is another big day! I can’t wait. Yet another croak list moment!


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