#129 Snobachi

Today Christina, Corey and I had another one of our random days out. They needed to head out into Tampa to IKEA to purchase some things for their house. As always we walked the entire store looking at all the displays and ended with a quick visit to the food court. Swedish meatballs are awesome! One of the few things I like about IKEA. I’ve never been a fan of their furniture. To me, they look frail, cheap, and very very small. I feel like I would break them if I sat on them, not to mention it is all so low I might just not be able to get up ever again.

Either way, after our walk around, Christina kept mentioning she was in the mood for ice cream. Not the frozen yogurt from the food court but actual ice cream. Corey decided to search on his phone for any nearby ice cream locations and a place called Snobachi kept coming up. Not sure what or where exactly Snobachi was, we decided to figure it out. Best thing we have ever done! It was a Handcrafted Ice Cream place! Wasn’t exactly sure what was going on at first. It had a very dark neon black light club kind of feel to it. Loud music. Tons of people. The wait in line was about 30-45 minutes. You could see the workers making other peoples order behind the counter and it looked so cool we decided it was worth the wait. I ended up getting Snorolls (rolled ice cream) called “Coco-Passion” which was Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Coconut Flakes, Coconut Flavor, Passion Fruit Flavor, Strawberry Sauce, Kiwi Lime Sauce, and whipped cream.  It tasted amazing! Check out how mine was made below!



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