Accomplishments, Life

#117 House Sitting

Christina and Corey went on a family vacation to Georgia. While they are away, I get to stay in their house to watch their cat. It has proven to be the best thing in the world. All week I’ve been using their kitchen as my work search office. The quiet has helped me focus so much. So much so that I am proud to say, I got a job! They called me this morning and asked me to come in to do the drug test and sign paper work for my background check. When that all clears, I will be able to start working! Sometime next week. I am so excited! Its one of the jobs I really wanted! I had the interview before my other job even ended. I’m so glad I started preparing in advance.

The job is in a air conditioning company. I get to use my construction and administrative experience. It pays well. Its full tine and permanent. After my 90 probation I get insurance. After a year I get vacation time and some sort of retirement plan. I’m very excited to start and very grateful I got the opportunity to have the solitary space I required to do my search. I can’t stop smiling! Today was just amazing!


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