#115 Dogs and Visits

Yesterday was an adventure and a half. We needed to get rid of some of the dogs we had. When I told Vikki I was going to either turn them in to the SPCA or abandon them on the road somewhere she flipped out. I told her to find a home for them then with one of her animal activist buddies or something and she decided to take them herself. Came all the way down from NY just for the dogs. Unfortunately by the time she arrived, the vets office would be closed, so I had to struggle with Diana and Brandon to take them to get their shots early in the morning. I got them ready for her. She arrived lat afternoon. We went to Coney Island Drive In for dinner; the highlight of my day because they started selling poutine!  We hung out for a while at Tom Varn, Bayport, and the house. Then she left. Went to bed so late. I’m exhausted. Today is Nina’s Birthday though so I needed to get ready. We are going to her house.


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