#113 Play It Forward

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. Inside each box is an interactive scavenger hunt that will inspire creativity and reward audacity. Take a selfie with a stranger, create a collaborative doodle, become a flash mob of one. Complete each objective and then pass the card along to an unwitting accomplice, who now becomes part of the game! The fun is ever-expanding, but it all starts with you – Play it forward!

– Sneaky Cards

Christina and Corey gave me this game for Christmas. The three of us, along with Brandon, went to Walmart and Target yesterday to play. It was the funniest thing.


  • Hide this card somewhere it can be easily found
  • Take a selfie with a total stranger

She hid the first card inside a BBQ Grill, then took a picture with a random Walmart employee giving her the card afterwards (both pictured above).


  • Give this card to somebody without them knowing

The funniest of all. He saw a woman’s hood down, forming a sort of pocket behind her. He walked by real fast, threw it in there, kept running away. Didn’t take a photo but I witnessed it and could not stop laughing.


  • Slip this card into a pocket at a clothing store

Went to the children’s section and shoved it into the pocket of a pair of jeans.


  • Lie down in a public place until someone checks on you. 

We got yelled at. He laid down on the floor and an employee yelled at him to get off the floor in a very rude way. We tried to give her the card because she acknowledged us, but she wouldn’t take it. We kept it to try again elsewhere at another time.

I’m usually very shy around strangers so some of these cards will be hard for me to do. My card was the least outgoing. I am determined to get them all done within the year. Even the scary ones. There are 55 cards in my deck. We did a few last night. If I do one per week, I think that would be pretty cool. Fun activity. Sad I have to get rid of all the cards.


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