#112 Skewb Xtreme

In November of 2015, I picked up my cousins Rubix Cube, solved it, left in on his desk, and enjoyed his screaming in frustration when he saw that someone had solved it. That same Christmas, my mother decided to buy me a cube of my own. I play around with it every now and then when I have nothing better to do.

This Christmas, my aunt took it upon herself to present me with a new challenge, the Skewb Xtreme. A weird x shaped contraption of 10 colors and 28 faces. Very different from the 6 colors and faces of the cube.

With being sick, I never got much of a chance to mess around with it. I would pick it up, give it a few twists, but didn’t really attempt to solve it. My brain was too weak, sick, and tired to try.

This morning however, I decided to give it a go. Solved it in under an hour. Twice.

Everyone things I am some type of alien now. Not sure why.


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