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#111 Pokemon Go

Ever since its release in July, I have been addicted to Pokemon Go (read here).  I have played with family and friends, and it has been a great adventure. Unfortunately, as my temporary job is coming to an end, I will be postponing my game playing for a while. Sort of.

Its not that I wont play at all. I will still walk my buddy around my neighborhood, hatch eggs, and if while on an errand I happen to be by a poke stop I wont hesitate to swipe. What I mean by postponing game play is that I wont go out of my way to the beach or a park just to play. I am not sure when my next job will begin, so for now I need to limit my gas use to errands and job interviews only.

The good news is that before I made the decision to stop playing, I did get to catch/hatch some of the Pokemon I’ve been wanting for a long time, including my Charizard! I’ve managed to get some of the new baby Pokemon too! As well as the Christmas event pikachu and raichu! It’s been a good pokehunting year, I will come back to it when I can. Other than gas, its a great free activity to pass the time when I am bored.


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