#110 New Year

Everyone went to a party last night to celebrate the new year together. I felt unwell and not in much of a mood to party anyway, so I stayed home by myself watching New Years Rocken Eve on TV. I did get a chance to run outside after the ball drop to enjoy the fireworks in my neighborhood though.

This year is going to go a little different for me. I did not make any new years resolutions. They seem to be a waste of time. In a few weeks everyone will forget their goals for the year and be back to their bad habits.

I know exactly what I have to get done this year, and I will be giving those goals my all. It’s not just a new years resolution. They are goals I have had in mind and working on for years.  I will take it one day at a time, working my ass off until I get them done, even if it is little by little.

I will focus on myself and no one else. I have the bad habit of caring too much for others and putting them before myself. It’s how I always end up in trouble. I’m tired of being the nice person that gets stomped on. Instead of a yes man, I am going to become a no man. I will be saying no to many things.

Let’s see what this year will bring.


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