#100 The Haunted Highway

I have made it to post 100! And what an exciting one it will be! This weekend, I got the opportunity to perform in a haunted house. It has always been on my list to GO to one. I never thought I would be part of one. It was an amazing time dressing up, joking around with family, scaring people. Even the pressure of trying to figure out what to do on the spot was fun. I’m not much of an actor so it was hard, but the fun was in the fact that none of us really knew what to do yet somehow we pulled it off. Being dressed as a bloody mental patient in an asylum was pretty cool.


Unfortunately, on Saturday I ended up having to leave early. I got incredibly sick. Tried to hold on as long as I could, but when I threw up all over the bathroom, I knew it was time to go home. Spent the rest of the weekend feeling crappy with some kind of stomach flu. Wish I could have finished off the last two hours. It was so much fun! Maybe next year!


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