#99 Sweetfields Farm

Today we celebrated Robert’s birthday, even thought it is not until tomorrow. Woke up early, picked him up. Hung out at the house for a little while. Went to Sweetfields Farm with Nina, Emma, and Christian. Every one else didn’t make it. We walked around the farm and walked the maze. I bought some pumpkins and then we made our way back to the house. Met up with Christina, Corey and Ashley. Went with them to the carnival from last night. Walked around again. Bought some snacks. Robert almost killed a lady for not letting him win a shooting game. Ashley ended up having to go to work, so it was just the four of us that went to Zim Zari for his birthday lunch/dinner. We all loved the food. We even ended up walking around the Botanical Garden again. Took him home after dropping off Christina and Corey at the house. Then I came back to watch the Walking Dead season premiere.



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