#98 A Day of Unexpected Fun

This morning I  woke up thinking my weekend would be uneventful. I had a few plans cancelled, so I thought I would just stay in. It was a nice day though. Not a cloud in a the sky. Cool and breezy. A great shame for it to go to waste.

Decided to go for a two mile walk around the neighborhood, took a shower, got dressed, and prepared to take my car to the car wash (extremely dirty). Before I left, I decided to let my aunt know where I was going. She looked super bored, no one wanted to go anywhere with her, so I decided to take her with me. We arrived at the car wash, the line was astronomically long. I did not feel like waiting. Never washed my car.

Did not want the long drive to be a waste, so we randomly decided to go to the Botanical Garden. I hadn’t been there yet and thought it would be a nice peaceful walk for the both of us. I was right. I loved the place. It is 3.5 acres of 22 themed area such as the herb garden, the rose garden, the Asian garden, the desert scape, and the butterfly garden. I think you will find me there often.

From the garden, we went for lunch at Steak and Shake, followed by dessert at Cupcake Heaven. Both were really delicious.

We ended up picking up Brandon at the house and heading to Veterans Memorial Park for a small Halloween event they were holding for children. Since we had no kids it was pretty boring. We decided to head to an ethnic carnival at a church by our house. We had passed by it earlier in the day. Turned out to be a great idea. We had a blast. I thought it was going to be small with little kid rides and cheesy game. Turned out to be more of a small Coney Island in the middle of the town. It was great. I didn’t get on any of the rides because they were kind of pricey, but I did enjoy walking around with the family, dancing, joking around, and even played a little bit of Skee Ball.



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