#97 Jersey Mike’s Subs

This morning I drove out to Wesley Chapel to pick up Robert for another day of Pokemon Go (we hadn’t played in about a month). On the way to Sim’s Park we bickered over where to have Brunch. We both hadn’t eaten. He was starving, I wasn’t, yet he was asking me to pick a place to eat. I told him he should pick since he was the hungry one. Back and forth it went until finally I said pull over in the first place you see and eat there. Turned out to be Jersey Mike’s Subs, a place neither one of us had ever eaten.

I was a little skeptical at first having never heard of the place before, but I wasn’t disappointed. Even though I wasn’t hungry I gulped down my regular sized (6″-7″) hot Meatball and Cheese sub because it just tasted so good. The reason I say regular is because they had a mini sized sub and a giant sized sub both of which were ridiculously small and large, respectively. Of course, Robert had a GIANT Original Italian sub (15″ cut into four pieces). I still don’t know how he could eat that thing.

It was a great find. A place I would definitely go to again.


One thought on “#97 Jersey Mike’s Subs

  1. jcliken says:

    I guess it’s a chain store but I have never heard of jersey mike’s. It sounds like your sandwich was good though! Glad you got to try it!


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