Had an amazing Sunday at Epcot with Ashley and Robert. It was Roberts first time there so we were all pretty excited.

We woke up early in the morning, got ready, left, and ate breakfast at Burger King along the way. On the drive up to Disney, we made a game plan in the car. It was imperative that we get Robert to Soarin’ first and then walk around the world for the food and wine festival. Then, when Ashley had to go to work, Robert and I would get on other rides and wait for her to get out.

Not everything went as planned. It was so much better!

We had the most amazing surprise when we arrived at Soarin’. When we were walking up to the entrance, a worker stopped me and asked me if I had a fast pass. I thought I was walking into the ride the wrong way or that I was in trouble so I called Ashley back to me who had already walked in. We told her we didn’t have fast passes and so she asked if we would like to skip the line. We looked at her confused and said yes, and she asked us to follow her. Apparently, we were selected for one of Disney’s Magical Moments!

Magical moments are a spur of the moment act of kindness between cast members and the guests. Cast members working at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Parks abroad are given opportunities to give families a special memory they will never forget.When a cast member chooses to go out of their way to make a magical moment, it was their choice. While Disney Parks management encourages cast members to partake in magical moments, no one is assigned to do them, instead, cast members choose to do them because they want to.

Read More: Stephen Porter  – What is a magical Moment? 

It was magical and memorable indeed. We got taken through the back of the ride, skipped the line entirely (which was 70 minutes long), and got placed in the top center row in the middle seats of the ride (the best view). They took a group picture of us and gave us a signed certificate to remind us of our moment. When we were leaving, they called us back and gave us a fast pass ticket for any ride we chose to get on. It was a wonderful moment!

Since Ashley had to work, we decided to let her pick which ride we should use the fast pass for. She chose Test Track, which had a 90 minute line and we weren’t there more than a half hour!

After Test Track, we walked around the world twice. We visited Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus (Robert was ecstatic to meet his girlfriend Elsa). We had tiramisu in Italy. We saw Snow White, Baymax, Joy and Sadness, Mulan, and a few others. We hung out in Japan walking through the stores. We also visited Morocco. We also watched the Canada video. Ate zucchini ravioli at the Chew stand from food and wine.

Finally we dropped off Ashley in Norway and headed off to other rides like Mission Space. We enjoyed some lunch together, Roberts birthday present to me, and headed off on more rides like Living in the Land and movies like the Circle of Life. We repeated a few rides, and watched the fireworks until Ashley got out of work.

We stopped off at McDonald’s for a small dinner, drove home. Went to bed. Great days can sometimes turn out to be the most exhausting. Just ask my feet and its blisters.


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