#89 Zim Zari

Yesterday was eventful. Picked up Corey and Christina from their house in the morning. We drove to Nina’s house to support Emma’s lemonade stand. We then drove to the Nina’s pool and spent most of the day swimming.

I have been in Florida for about 7-8 months and I had yet to go to a pool. Always swam in rivers, lakes, or beaches. Felt pretty nice to swim without the worry of getting eaten alive, swept away by a strong current, or catching a deadly parasite virus.

When we left we were pretty hungry, so C and C decided to take me to Zim Zari. A seemingly confused Californian surfer dude Mexican restaurant. Weird and confused as they may be, the food was extremely delicious. A place I would definitely go to again. I had the BBQ chicken quesadillas. They came with a great big dollop of sour cream and I was ecstatic! We all tried each others food, so I can safely say, they have more than one tasty dish on their menu. And dessert was heavenly.

Here is proof of that dessert:


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