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#88 Updates

As always, things have gotten too hectic to update frequently. Pretty much, my life has become all about work … and Pokemon Go.

My phone camera broke. Between having to pay to fix it, gas, groceries, and paying for my car, I have been on the borderline of broke for almost an entire month (if not longer). That’s where the constant working comes in. I do not always get the opportunity at work to get more hours, so I take them when they offer to be able to pay everything off.

When I am not at work, if I am not resting at home doing laundry or other chores, then I am out playing Pokemon Go with family and or friends. Many would say I have become obsessed with the game, but that is not the case.  It is one of the few things around here (other than maybe geocaching) that I can do for free.

Yes, you pay for gas when you drive to destinations and food if you are out long enough, but wouldnt you pay for this too if you went somewhere else like the zoo or movies, only you would have to pay for the activity as well? By free I mean the activity itself, and its a great help to me. I get to have fun, go see new interesting places like Sims Park (featured image), Hudson Beach, Bayport Park, and Pine Island Beach. It’s not like we are just sitting at home all weekend because we are broke. We are broke but still having fun and I love it. 

Now that my phone is fixed, I might just start searching for things again to do other than Pokemon Go. Itch for new adventure is starting again. 


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