#87 Geocaching

Christina and Corey were curious about geocaching after hearing us talk about it. Today we decided to head out again to search for new ones with them.

Geocache Nine: High Tide At Bayport

I love that geochaching can take you to extremely beautiful places. This cache, on a road surrounded by water, was hidden by a palm tree. We found it fairly quickly but mistook it for trash. Nice swag. Took a blue monkey. Left a mardi gras necklace.


Geocache Ten: Boooo (Featured Image)

Cache is located in the Weeki Wachee Preserve but it is easier to access It from Linda Pedersen Park. The preserve and the park are open from sunrise to sunset. Trails are easy to follow and no bushwhacking is required.

There is lots of wildlife in the area, keep your eyes open and you may see some. A look at the satellite view to see the trails may save you some hiking or biking. At certain times of the year insect repellent will be a necessity. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, it gets hot out here in the summer. This should be an easy find but a little effort may be required. After rain terrain difficulty may change.

This one felt like a real adventure. We crossed over caution tape and walked deep into the woods following a trail. Very hot. Sweated a lot. Found the cache quickly when we arrived at the coordinates. Nice loot. Very long walk back.

Geocache Eleven: No Blue Light Special Here

Another Walmart park and grab. This one did contain the pill bottle. We took an orange monkey and left monkey playing cards.


We returned to vet magnet to return the travel bug. Will not count it as another cache as I had been here before. It was pretty cool to get it to where it needed to go. Did not know where else to put him that would get a lot of traffic so we put him back. Will be keeping an eye on him to see if he ever makes it to California.


The rest of the night was spent Poke Hunting. Christina and Corey are addicted as well. I have been poke hunting sporadically over the past few weeks, just haven’t written much about it. Will keep playing for a while. As well as geocaching. As I said. A new hobby I want to keep up.

Would like to place a cache myself. Just trying to find the right location.


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