#86 Geocaching / Coney Island

First of all, Ashley was not with us on free Slurpee day because she was working, so we went to 7-11 today to get her one and I got to try the Sour Patch Red Berry (my favorite so far).

Second, it was just Brandon and me geocaching during the weekend, so we went out today again with Diana and Ashley.

I think Ashley is some kind of bad luck. We could not find most of the Geocaches we searched for today. Literally only found one. Will have to go at a later time to try and find them again!

Geocache Six: Do you Mine?

You are hunting a camo’d lock & lock.

We could not find at all. Searched all over. Kind of dangerous. Spiders everywhere. Thorns again. Garbage too. Many bugs. I wanted to keep searching but everyone was complaining so we ended up leaving. Really want to go back to find this.

Geocache Seven: 452+1

With a hint like “if you smoke you will go boom” it was pretty clear to figure out where it would be upon parking. There was this giant oil tank and we guess, you will definitely go boom by smoking there. So we searched a while. Found it! Nice little swag. Seemed like a very kid like cache. Ashley took a maraca, I took a fake $50 bill. We left a purple stylus pen.

Geocache Eight: What a girl wants…what a girl needs….

Another no find. Also crawling with even bigger spiders. Need to go back.

When we were done with Geocaching, we stopped by a Brooksville restaurant for dinner called Coney Island. Best hot dogs I have had in a while. Cheap prices too. Definitely will go here often.



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