#84 Geocaching

Geocache One: Our Fallen Hero’s Captain Bierwiler

Found last night, read about it here.

Geocache Two: And I’m hungry like the… 

Another excuse to wash the car…and we know how I love my country roads. You are hunting a neat container used to keep “military stuff” dry…so please notice there are 6 notches that must line up with their corresponding slots in order for it to stay airtight and waterproof. Also replace the cammo covering so it’s not just visible. Happy Hunting!

Another excuse indeed (my car is super dusty). This is the cache we tried to find last night in the dark, and it did not work out. First of all, our bright headlights spooked a bunch of black cows (we thought we were going to die). Which we saw today all huddled up under the shade of a tree. Less scary in the day time. We found the big tree where the cache was supposed to be hidden. We searched the grounds for a good hour trying to get around spiders, their webs, and a snake eating a frog. The vicious thorns were also getting at our legs. No luck. I refused to give up though so I threw myself through a spider web and moved between the barbed wire fence and the tree and found it stashed in a hole. Not much swag; an old game, a monopoly hotel, and a cap. Took nothing and left a good luck shamrock necklace. Signed the log and replaced cammo covering.


Geocache Three: Let there be light.

This is a camouflaged pill bottle.Very easy park and grab. BYOP.

A quick park and grab at a Walmart parking lot. Seemed to be disturbed by muggles (term for non geocachers) as the pill bottle and log were missing. Did find a makeshift repair by someone else. They left a few trinkets. Took nothing, marked it down as found.

Geocache Four: I was here …….. or a German in America

This geocache is made for a wonderful time I had in Brooksville, Florida!!! Thank you to Dawn and Garry!!! You are searching a Nano in a “House”! It is on the edge of a private property …… the owner knows about it!!! Clue: the 7th tree.

This one was a bit scary. Only because we were scared to trespass so we weren’t finding it, and then the owner came out of the house. We thought we were going to get in trouble but she made us cross into her property and basically pointed us to the cache. Took the fun out of it really. It was a little house under some major leaves and moss. Marked found and left quickly so we didn’t have to deal with owner anymore.

Geocache Five: Vet Magnet (Featured Image)

Not much of a clue on where to find other than “Needajumpstart?” but it was worth the search. The biggest cache we found all day with major swag. I took a little army man; Brandon took a strawberry. We left a bracelet, a rubber ducky, and another lucky shamrock necklace. Inside we found a new kind of geocache. A travel bug, Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, whose mission is to one day go to Disney World and Disney Land then return back home to Alabama. Since Ashley works at Disney we decided to take him from the cache and hand it over to her to take to Disney.

Geocaching is most definitely my new hobby. It is so much fun. It can be dangerous, but it is well worth it. Its better than being stuck at home all day, and its free. I can go out and have an adventure and not spend too much money. Will try to do it as often as I can.


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