#82 Epcot

Since I had off today for the 4th of July, I asked Ashley earlier this week if we could head out to Epcot yesterday as it is the only park I have yet to visit. I had an amazing time. Probably my favorite park. Although I have to say its hard to choose between Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Future World West

We headed out to this area of the park first, deciding to leave Spaceship Earth (at Future World East) for last as the lines where insanely long.

We headed off to Soarin first, in The Land. Apparently it had been closed for the longest time due to renovation. Not only were there modifications to the activities provided during the wait in line, but to the ride itself. The ride is meant to make you feel as if you are hang gliding around the world (whereas before it was just California), a complete 4-D experience. I am terrified of heights, especially when I feel no ground beneath my feet, this ride was both so I was petrified. When it first took off and it looked like we were in the clouds and I felt no ground I started to hyperventilate, but  then it took us over such beautiful places that the fear went away and I enjoyed myself. I even let go of my hands (which I never do) and swung my feet making believe my toes brushed the back of an elephant. We flew over the arctic, Australia, Africa, Egypt, India, Paris, China, and even Epcot. It was beautiful and amazing.

We also got on  Living with the land. A boat ride that took us through Disney gardens and fish farms to show us new innovations on how to grow foods efficiently. Made me want to garden even more. I will work hard to get my own place with decent lands to grow food in.

From the land we went to The seas with Nemo and Friends. Where we got on the Nemo ride that followed the story line of the movie, and ended at an aquarium. We looked around at different types of fish in a gigantic tank, and managed to arrive in time for the dolphin show. One unlike any I have ever seen. Because instead of seeing them from a stadium above the water watching them flip and do tricks. I got to see them from under the water. Swimming and showing off their smarts. They would swim to a window with a picture of a fish on it, look at it, and then go to another window that had three different videos in a random order and pick the one that matched the picture. When they were certain they had their final answers they would blow bubbles. It was so incredible. At the end of the show they even posed with cheesy smiles for pictures. Those animals are smarter than humans.

The Fountain

Not sure which section of the park the fountain is in (center somewhere), but we stood around here for a bit to watch the water move along to music. Then we headed to a coke shop that had sodas from around the world. Most were yummy, but I was highly disappointed with the Italian one. It’s the one I most wanted to try and it was the nastiest. Can you believe we were allowed to sample them for free?

World Show Case 

The long walk around the world. We decided to start in Canada and end in Mexico.

Canada we did not explore. Did not seem like much fun. Plus I’ve already been to Niagara Falls. Nothing in a park is more impressive than that to me. Hard to compare to the real thing.

United Kingdom I went a little crazy at. They had phone booths I decided to call my mother from. They had a Twinings Tea Shop that I ran into. Got some tea. Went to other stores as well to get English toffee. Very hard stuff to chew!

France completely ecstatic to find Marie merchandise. She is barely seen anywhere anymore. I love my Aristocats. Of course I had to sample their Macarons. Not the same as the NYC ones. Maybe they didn’t taste as good to me because Joy wasn’t there.

Morocco was another passerby maily because the only thing there was to see was restaurants and merchandise (both of which we had no money for) and Jasmine and Aladdin where not out yet.

Also just browsed Japan. Nothing but restaurants.

Passed by America as well, we are there everyday.

Italy was nothing but restaurants as well, but we did browse because the flag twirlers came out (so we watched), and I could not leave Italy without my delicious tiramisu! At this point Ashley separated from us because she had to go to work.

No money to shop or eat at Germany either.

In China we did get to see the acrobats perform.

Norway was by far the best as it had an actual ride in it. We went to the new Frozen ride which we waited in line for 50 years, but it was worth it. Then we went to the Royal Summer house to meet and greet Anna and Elsa. Not because we wanted to meet the characters (we never wait in line for these) but because this is where Ashley was working and we wanted to see her in action. Which we did!

Mexico was also fun because of a Three Caballeros Ride. The mariachi band was also cool to listen to for a bit.

Future World East

Headed to Test Track after traveling the world. I was a little annoyed because my phone died and I couldn’t take pictures. The concept was basically that we could virtually design our own futuristic car (after viewing some designs from Chevrolet) and test it out on the race track. It was an intense ride. Very fast. But awesome.

It was getting close to closing time, so Diana and I headed off to Spaceship Earth, a ride inside the big “golf” ball that explores the history of human communication from the stone age to the computer age. At the end we got to take a quiz to see what kind of futuristic home we should live in. It was so much fun, but by the time we came out all the other rides at Future World East were no longer running. We decided to sit by the bathrooms charging our phones and my aunts scooter while we waited for Ashley to get out of work. We saw the fire works, went to eat dinner outside of the park and didn’t get home till after 2:00 AM.


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