#81 Weeki Wachee Springs

Extremely exhausted. So I am going to make this quick and simple.

  • I didn’t sleep all last night due to watching movies with Brandon till early morning.
  • Woken up at around 8:00 AM (leaving me with four hours sleep) by Diana.
  • Nina called to see if we wanted to join her at Weeki Wachee Springs for the day.
  • Hurried to get ready only to find out after I was on my way that it was for a little kids birthday party.
  • They had rented a gazebo for the day so at least we had shade and privacy.
  • I helped decorate for the party.
  • More than 30 people cancelled on the little girls party so we were one of the only ones there and we technically weren’t even invited to begin with.
  • The person delivering the little girls birthday cake dropped it. We received a mushy mess.
  • These strangers basically started crying over party disasters and I got really uncomfortable but tried to enjoy my time.
  • Had free food, more than enough to go around since no one came.
  • Went swimming in the spring. It was great because the water was as cold and clear as the one in Rainbow Springs, but it wasn’t as deep. When I got tired of swimming I could rest and not fear drowning.
  • Everyone was watching children so I was essentially by myself and I got bored and lonely pretty fast.
  • When I joined the others in the shallow end we were all talking when one of the guests, a ten year old boy, decided to jump off of the wall. Being that it was shallow, the kid ended up breaking his ankle. No one even saw him jump it all happened so fast. He was rushed to the emergency room making the party even more uncomfortable.
  • With all the commotion, I barely got to swim, and I missed all of the shows including the famous mermaid show.
  • The one good thing that came out of today is that I didn’t pay for my entrance, my cousin bought me a souvenir, and I got a postcard for my book. Cannot complain. I think i would feel worse if I would have wasted my money. Truth.

I need to go back there and hopefully have a better experience. To get a chance to see all of the shows and to swim. I pray someone decent goes with me so that I can enjoy the company and not be alone and bored again.

I am feeling drained but everyone is home in the living room and I can’t sleep. For that reason only I am going to watch Finding Dory tonight at 10:00 PM. Hopefully that goes better than the rest of my day.


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