#80 Haunted (and Abandoned) Brooksville

This afternoon, a few of us decided to hop around haunted places in Brooksville. We were bored with nothing better to do than drive around and hope to see something. Many were a big disappointment but a few actually gave us chills.

Ye Olde Fireside Inn

Not necessarily haunted, we went here first because we hadn’t seen it yet, it was burned,  and abandoned. It was pretty creepy how it managed to stay up. The property is burned to a crisp. You would think nothing but ashes would remain. I wanted to get out and look around, but we noticed that their was a trailer behind the house with a pickup truck park in front of it. I now know that the property has a caretaker to ensure random people do not walk in to the house. While we where there however we all got scared because we didn’t know why a person would be in the secluded area (pictured above: top left corner, road that leads to house: top right corner).

Abandoned Grain Depot

We got lost trying to find another haunted location, when we came across an abandoned rundown grain depot. I do not know much about it, but it definitely looked creepy. Online I managed to find a weird 360 panoramic photo of both the interior and exterior of the property (see here). We only saw it from across the street int he car so it was pretty cool to see it closer, even if it only was online. Wish I could find out more about it(pictured above: center left).

The Frank Saxon Manor

This 1870’s manor house is in a state of disrepair nowadays, and local residents are running ghost tours of the very haunted property to raise funds to restore it. Rumoured to be haunted by a spectral groom and bride, visitors have also reported the apparition of a little girl in the drawing room.

Newly restored, this house is not in the shabby run down condition it once was in. Despite its history, apparently it has now been fixed and wedding events take place there (website). One weird thing did happen to me while there. I got out of the car to take a picture of the house and my facial recognition went off, while no one was standing in front of the camera. Just the house (pictured above: in middle, creepy swing in front of house: bottom right corner).

1885 Train Depot Museum

This one was the freakiest of them all. I have never gotten a chance to tour inside. This train station is now a museum but it was closed when we arrived. I do not know if it is haunted or not, but I do know that when we opened the doors to the car we heard a faint train whistle blow. No working trains are in the area. there are no longer any train tracks that lead to this depot. It is just a museum. we still do not know how we all heard a train at the same time. Theory is … ghost train.

When we all calmed down we walked the nature trail nearby for a bit but we were all too scared to get very far. We left pretty quickly (pictured above: top middle).

Edit: Apparently others have heard the ghost whistle as well. Fake recording nearby or real spookiness?

Unlike the Stringer home, the Brooksville depot doesn’t have much in the way of documented phenomenon (at least not that I could find online). However, docent Bonnie LeTourneau mentioned voices in the restored meal car and a spirit who doesn’t care for women. A video posted online features voices from a ghost box and a train whistle from beyond (or perhaps just a real train rolling along a set of nearby tracks).

The Old Weeks House

An old house with quite a lot of colorful “history”… Among other things, locals say that when the house was unoccupied, strange candle lights would appear in the windows, moving slowly from side to side.

This place was not very scary to us. We drove up to the house and a little old lady was peacefully tending her garden in the front yard. We quickly drove away as we did not want to get in trouble for staring down her house.

Spring Hill Cemetery 

The Spring Hill Cemetery, is located off of Fort Dade Ave. in Brooksville. It is an old black cemetery with the earliest “known” burial starting in the late 1800’s. At dusk you can see what seems to be a man hanging from a tree limb. Also, groups of spirits can be seen standing together around the headstones of family plots. One report states that an infant’s cry can be heard during certain times of the night.

We did not see anything here. Whether it’s because we didn’t go at night or because this is just a regular old cemetery, I do not know. This is the second time I visit the cemetery but I have never had a chance to explore it. I’m scared. Not of ghosts, but of cops. There is a large No Trespassing sign, so I have not dared to get out of the car and walk around the graves. I do not want to get in trouble. I just turn the car back around, disappointed (pictured above: bottom left).


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