Life, Outings

#78 SunWest Park

Went to a beach by Dulce’s house called SunWest Park. Every time we head down that way we see the sign but have never taken the time to go before today.

It was a beautiful location.We listened to music, wet our feet in the crystal clear waters, slept on the sand, and even got to play some volley ball. The children threw themselves in the water and played with their water guns. It was a nice relaxing night after a hard day of working.

It cost five bucks to get in, but the peacefulness of it all was well worth it. I guess not very many people have heard of this beach because it wasn’t crowded at all. That, or it could have been that it was the middle of the week late in the afternoon. Either way, that is all going to change. We saw many signed of construction. Apparently they will be building a boardwalk and hotel there. Pretty soon it will be as crowded as St Pete and Clearwater beach. I guess I am just going to have to go back and enjoy it as much as I can before construction is over.


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