#76 Florida Holocaust Museum in St Pete

Corey, Christina, and I had breakfast at Jam’s Cafe. It tasted just like the diner around the corner from our building in Brooklyn. Glad I managed to find a place out here that has diner food. Yum.

We then spent most of the day at the Florida Holocaust Museum which was very moving and kind of depressing. We spent a long time reading and listening to history. We even took time to pray at the prayer room. I put my prayer in the walls.

From the museum we decided to explore the city of Saint Petersburg for a little bit. Looking at street art and through the shops. We came across this small little coffee shop called Brew D Licious, where we ordered drinks and sat for a while resting and talking.

We also took the time to cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge because we wanted to see the height and beautiful view. Once we crossed it we went to the rest stop by the piers to take pictures.

We attempted to go to St Pete beach but it was super crowded with no place to park so we ended up coming home.


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