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#75 Rainbow Springs

Yesterday we spent the day at Rainbow Springs. It was amazing. I have never been in such clear water. The place was beautiful but scary at the same time. I am not very fond of swimming in areas where my feet cannot touch the ground. Unfortunately, Rainbow Springs can be as deep at 15 feet. At first I was more than a little scared to get in. I am not a strong swimmer, and get tired very quickly. But I did it! I jumped off of the steps right into the freezing cold water and swam out pretty far. Went in three times as a matter of fact. Have to admit that I am pretty proud I was able to do it despite my fear.Next time I will definitely take floats with me or pool noodles. It should help a lot with keeping me afloat when I get tired.

I’m also proud that we drove my car all the way there and back again and it did not break down on us. Its first long trip with me and it survived. Yay!


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