#73 The Grueling Car Search

Car search not going very well. Browsing all through the internet for different dealerships in the area. Either I come across very expensive cars, or too old falling apart cars, cars that need too much work I cannot afford. When I do find one I like they are too far away to go look at, or they sell them before I get a chance to go, I even managed to find the proper car in price and look only to find out it was manual and I can only drive automatic! If its not one thing, its another. It’s been pretty annoying. Especially since I have only gotten to go to just one dealership in person. A dealership that kept trying to push a $12,000 dollar car that was too expensive, ugly, and messed up for me to want. I walked away and they are still calling me trying to get me to come back. Not happening.

I have found two cars that I do like. It was four but unfortunately in the time I have waited for my uncle to be off of work they have sold two already. I am hoping the top two that I like are still there come this Saturday when I get the chance to go look at them. I just hope I can afford them. They are both just under $7,000 which I think I can swing, but I got a few quotes on insurance and as a solo first time driver I am looking at $300 a month on just insurance alone. I hope my uncle can help me find the right car, and that he could put me under his insurance so that it will be lower payments that I can give him the money for.

Why does everything in life have to be such a hassle? Why cant I just walk into a dealership and say I have $1000 down $200 a month, ill get my own insurance, give me a car right now? Why does it have to be such a long boring, back and forth price haggling, hoping my credit is good enough, hassle?

All I can say is … lets see what happens this weekend. I really hope I find something soon. I don’t want to have to keep bugging people to borrow their cars. Its becoming a very big inconvenience for us all.


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