#69 The Water Balloon Fight

Cannot make this very long as I need to wake up early. I just wanted to mark a very fun day. Spent  most of the day running errands and doing chores, but I did manage to have some much needed fun. My aunt bought my cousins and I 200 water balloons.  We filled as many as we could and fought with each other to the point that we all looked like we went swimming.  I cheated a bit as I picked up the hose and sprayed them down. But they got me back. Grabbed a bucket and poured it over my head. It was great. Another something I have always wanted to do. Pretty hard to do in NYC with no siblings of my own and an apartment with no space for a water balloon fight.

We also had a bit of a BBQ. Grilled  some burgers and hot dogs with all the proper dressings. Love  the smell of charcoal burning.


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