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#68 The Marvelous Meteor

I write quickly from my phone on the way to Christina and Corey’s house in complete and total amazement. While I waited in the truck for Ashley to collect her things, some sort of meteor flew across the sky. I am the only one who saw it. I dont know if anyone believes me. It was definitely  not a shooting star. It was bigger and red, as if it were trailing fire behind it. It was just one quick second. No time for pictures. If I would have been looking in any other direction  I would have most definitely  missed it! I am so glad I didnt as seeing some form of meteor or comet has always been on my list of things to do. Along with luna eclipse (which I have seen) and shooting star (which I havent).I am still so excited  about it. I may not have a picture but it is definitely  something I will never forget.

Edit (April 9): When we arrived at my cousin’s house, they weren’t there, so Ashley and I laid down on the bed of the pickup. She wanted to see if  we could see another meteor.  We didn’t, but I did get to see a shooting star! Made a wish on it! We also saw what might have been a satellite  or something.  It looked tiny like a far away star but it was moving through the sky like a plane would. It was definitely  not a plane though. Too high up and no flashing lights. It was an awesome  night full of stargazing. Followed by some massive drinking and dancing via dance central. Great night!


2 thoughts on “#68 The Marvelous Meteor”

  1. So glad to see you’re doing so well for yourself! I only half keep track on Facebook and very, very seldom log on here as I keep forgetting I have a blog, LOL! ^_^

    This might interest you! You can track the International Space Station online, and know when/if it’s going to fly over your area and what time, and from what direction and how for long. It’s very accurate. It’s really cool. It’s neat to think, “There are people inside that speck of light drifting across the sky!”

    And meteors and shooting stars are the same thing 😉 Hard to say what you saw. Meteor or space junk. I’ve seen a big green “light” break apart in the sky one night. Comets are super cool to see too. Get yourself a good set of binoculars some day! They’re nice for star gazing and easier to use than a telescope. You can see stars you wouldn’t normally see with the naked eye. I have a stargazing app on my phone too.

    Sorry to be so wordy. You obviously have an interest in it. Just some fun tips ^_^


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