Life, Outings

#65 Boyett’s Grove

For some random reason … perhaps boredom … Ashley, Diana, and I decided to head on out to the Zoo at Boyett’s Grove. It was nice and pretty, also kind of cheesy. But I really liked it. When you enter there is a form of shop that converts into an ice cream parlor, an dinning area, and a small arcade. There is an orange grove where they sell trees, as well as the zoo, a dinosaur cave, and a mini golf course within the zoo. As we arrived rather late, we had time for the zoo, the dino cave, and the ice cream parlor. We had a great time seeing things such as alligators, fish, birds, farm animals, peacocks, and even monkeys. We bought a bag of food to feed the animals. It contained popcorn, bread, and orange slices.

I think the monkey feeding was the best part of all. Very funny. Seeing an all white peacock was also amazing. Never seen one before.

Ashley trying to feed the monkey and it did not work. Thought it was so funny how he tried to grab at it with his tail. Right after this I stepped up and gave him the orange slice he so struggled for.


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