#63 Linda Pedersen Park

This afternoon Ashley tells me she wants to do something because it is her last day off from work. We sit and ponder where we should go when she finally decides to drive me down with Brandon to check out some sort of tower at Linda Pedersen Park.

It was a lot higher than I thought but I climbed it with them. The view was amazing. River water on all sides with palm trees. Hadn’t been that high up in a while. Looking down was scary. Did not like that the wind was making it rock a bit.

We went through the mini jungle that we saw from the top of the tower. Came across some small but aggressive little crabs. They tried to pinch us. Came across fishes and mud. I made the mistake of going in flip flops and it was very unpleasant for my feet but still very fun.

We then went to play at a little kids park. No one was around so the swings and slides were all ours for a good while. Swinging was fun. I even went down the slide once. Thought I would get stuck in the pipe but I made it through!

Not far from the little park was a dock. We stood there looking in at the water. At first we just dipped our feet in there because we wanted to feel the water. It felt so good that we contemplated going in for a good half hour. We had no change of clothes or towels you see but we really wanted to swim. So what did we do? We jumped in with all our clothes in! Not exactly on my list of things to do, but it was so spontaneous and fun! Pretty crazy as well. I could barely lift myself out of the water in the end because I was so wet that the clothes weighed me down. It did not help that my upper body strength is basically non existent. I finally managed to crawl onto the dock and lay there in exhaustion for a while.

Finally we returned home completely soaked and freezing. To spend the night in comfy PJ’s watching movies.


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