Life, Life Goals

#61 See an Animal Being Born

I always thought this croak list item would be completed when I visited a farm, and that during the visit a cow or a horse would give birth and I would get a chance to see it. I never imagined it would occur in my very kitchen! Well … not my kitchen … my aunts, but you get what I mean. Brandon and I walked into the kitchen to get lord knows what when we saw something flailing about in Dory’s (the dog) cage. Turned out to be the very first puppy. It was hard to spot at first because it was black as night, just as the bottom of the cage.

From then on we stayed in the kitchen by Dory’s side making sure the puppies came out alright. I saw quite a few come out. It was very gross with all the blood, water, and green placenta. I kind of gagged a little when I saw one puppy pop out and Dory ate everything that came out with it. Ugh.

Ten puppies were born on March 8th, 2016 and  one died March 10th, 2016 in the early morning hours. Not sure what happened but I think in the small space in the cage Dory must have sat on her. That night at four in the morning my cousin and I ran out to Walmart to get a small swimming pool to put them all in because it was hard to handle all of them in the cage. Also one of their heads got stuck in the cage so we didn’t want that to happen again.

We have been pretty busy trying to make sure that they all live which is what has kept me from writing sooner. Our lives have been consumed by puppy mania!

Dory after her sixth and waiting on the seventh


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