#59 Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, very early in the morning, Ashley and I headed out to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. We wanted to experience Disney as real guests so we took the main entrance to the park, as opposed to the back entrance we always take as she works there. This way, I got to see the two welcome signs, the one for Disney and the one specifically for Magic Kingdom.

I love how the parking at the parks are separated by characters so that you can remember where everything is. We had the privilege of parking in the Hero’s section. Peter Pan 57. Once parked, we jumped on the tram that takes you to the beginning of the park. Unlike the other parks however, you have to go even further by monorail or ferry to get to the actual main gate to park. We decided to take the tram going.

On our long two hour journey to the park, we discussed our game plan for the day. There are many things to do at the park such as watch shows, get on rides, and eat at restaurants. We decided our goal was to ride as many rides as possible.

And boy did we! Space Mountain, Stitch’s Great Escape, the tea cups, peter pan, its a small world, dumbo, the carousel, little mermaid ride, splash mountain, big thunder mountain, etc. So so many. We also managed to see Mickey’s PhilharMagic (a show), the castle show, and the electric parade. We were pretty lucky with ride wait times. It all moved pretty quickly which is what let us enjoy so much in just one day.


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