#56 Brooksville Native American Festival

I love Native American culture. Something that has interested me since I was little and influenced certain aspects of my life. I am a descendant of the natives of my island. My great great grand father being a pure Taino. My grandmother filled my childhood with stories of our people. We followed modern culture, but she always urged me to never forget where I came from.

I finally made it to a Native American Festival. They were natives of Mexico, direct descendants of the ancient Aztec people. None the less I had this weird feeling of home when I stepped out in the fields. I joined them in their ritual dancing, a dance of friendship. The music filling my body as my feet stomped to the beat of the drums. Holding hands with strangers that did not feel like strangers. Very weird experience but it was fun. I purchased a few trinkets, ate bison for the first time, ate fry bread, painted my face with native symbols, and danced some more.

Felt good to be out in the fresh air. Enjoyed myself very much. Might just become an annual thing if I can afford it.


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