#55 Hollywood Studios

This morning a bunch of us headed out to Disney World. I really enjoy the fact that my cousin works there so we can get in for free. Otherwise I can guarantee you that I would have never made it.

This time we went to Hollywood Studios. I was very excited as I have always wanted to go to the Tower of Terror. I remember seeing the made for TV Disney Movie and falling in love with the idea that I could see the same hotel.

And I finally did. It was remarkable how the entrance to the ride looked just like the hotel in the movie. The ride was so amazing I got on it three times. I would go into detail about the entire experience, but it is just something others have to witness themselves. All I will say is that it was fun and my butt lifted up from my seat (which was scary).

Unfortunately, I did not get on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It had way too many twisty turny upside downs. While I love those, I was scared I would mess up my back and not make it to the interview I have set up for tomorrow. Didn’t want to risk it so decided not to go on.

I did get on the Great Movie Ride in which we moved through sets of great movies such as Singing in the Rain, Wizard of Oz, Aliens, and many more. It was a nice ride but the way the dolls looked and moved really creeped me out.

The rest of the time at the park was spent on jumping from show to show (Star Wars, Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones, etc.) and having fun at the Dance Party. The food was amazing and I totally got to try a mickey ice cream sandwich for free (cousin had a coupon).


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