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#54 Deep Fried Oreos

Today we went to the Howards Flea Market in Crystal River, Florida. My intentions were purely just to walk around and enjoy the lazy day. In not having much money, I could not afford to do anything but walk around. However, I did manage to spend money anyway.

Books. Books are my weakness. I walked into Yard Sale for the Troops, a mini store filled with little trinkets and many many book shelves. Soft covers, 4 for $1. Couldn’t help myself. I got four. Very random used old books. Fun to read though. In another part of the market, I managed to find hidden in a small corner the 13 books to A Series of Unfortunate Events. I went nuts and asked the vendor how much they wanted for them. It was a $130 value collection (all first editions) and I managed to get them at $15! Took them right away. Not sure the lady knew just how expensive these books were to sell them all to me at that price. Insane. I was very happy. When I finish the book I am currently reading, then I will start the series.


Food is my other weakness. Not only did I have mini sized donuts Lil Orbits Mini Donuts, but deep fried Oreo’s (forgot the name of the food truck that sold them)! I feel so fat but they were so good. I honestly didn’t think I would like the deep fried aspect. Sounded gross to me. Gave it a shot none the less and it was worth it! I think I will work up the courage to try deep fried Twinkies now.

After the flea market we went to Acme Homes II, Inc. to browse through mobile home models. They were so much more beautiful inside than I ever thought possible. I always see them from outside and think they look sort of gross but these were so amazing inside. I would definitely not mind living in one. If only I could afford one.


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