#53 Another Update

Very rainy cloudy week. Haven’t done much of anything but work hard on finding a job. Applying to tons of places. Went to a few interviews. Writing thank you letters and sending out resumes. Last week I took an assessment for the Florida Ready to Work Credential. Passed it with a gold status. Pretty cool. Tomorrow I need to take a typing test and the District Office. Hopefully that is as much testing as I need to do for several positions but at this point I am willing to do what ever it takes to be working by the end of February. That is my goal. If I am not working yet by February after all I am trying to do right now, I will just consider myself a failure because I don’t know what much else I can do to get a job. Other than sleep with the boss … and I don’t plan on stooping so low to get where I need to be. It wouldn’t be worth it. Better get back to preparing for tomorrow. Hope all is well with the rest of the world. Have been ignoring many people to do what I have to do.


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