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#52 Bayport Park Dolphins

Another afternoon with Christina and Corey. Wondering aimlessly at first. We went through several apartment communities so that I could see the area. Potential places for me to move to once I am ready to go out on my own. Dinner at firehouse subs. Then they decided to head to a beach looking type place that was closed, so we took this scary swamp on either side type road to another location. Bayport Park. It was beautiful. We walked up to the pier right as the sun was setting. The colors in the sky were amazing. Just as we were taking in the view, a pod of dolphins rose up to greet us. We managed to count three, but I am sure there could have been several more. We watched as they glided across the water, moving further and further away from us. It really was a perfect moment. By the time they were gone, so was the sun, and we were left in the moonlight. As it got chilly we headed back, to watch pitch perfect two from red box. Pretty awesome night. Nothing beats getting so see dolphins out in the wild.


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