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#48 Travel by Sleeper Car (Train)

I have traveled many times by train. Long exhausting journeys on a small chair sitting next to a nasty smelling stranger. There have only been two instances in which I have been with someone I know and that has made the trip somewhat bearable but still uncomfortable. That being said, I have always wanted to be able to take a long trip on a train but in one of their bedrooms or roomettes. Unfortunately they have always been very expensive.

When I was in search of the best way to make my  trip to Florida, I found out that although the train was more expensive than a bus ($150 to the $70 on bus) it was still cheaper than a plane (over $450) and I could take more bags (6 free as opposed to 2 paid on plane). So regardless I was considering getting a chair on a train. When I went to book however, I noticed (and just in time may I add) that the price of the trains Roomette had decreased tremendously due to the fact that the dining cart was no linger available (no food included with the room). So for $350 (taxes included) I could travel in stile, carry more bags, still spend less than on the plane, and cross off an item from my bucket list. It was a win win situation in my book.

It was definitely worth the money to have a little room all to myself. I was able to watch movies, talk on phone, eat, go to bathroom, and sleep all in privacy with no one invading my space or complaining about any of my activities. I was tired (emotionally) through out the entire trip, so the pictures of everything were limited. I slept most of the ride. I believe I was the only one that called on turn down service (turn seats to bed) at 5PM.

All I have to say is that it was money well spent, and if ever I have to make another long journey, I hope there is another sale or that perhaps I have enough money in my bank account to grab up a room anyway!


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