#45 Roosevelt Island

Day trip. So much to do. So much to see. Trip highlights below.

The Tram

So high over the streets below I almost had a panic attack. Big fear of heights and plummeting to my death, but it is one of the fears I am always facing head on. Not sure why I do. Perhaps the bubbly … tingly … trilling feeling in my stomach is awesome? Do you know the feeling I refer to? Anyway … the tram trip was short but it was still great to experience.

The Marriage of Money and Real Estate

A 1996 art installation by Tom Otterness. I am familiar with some of his work, such as Life Underground (2001) at the 14th Street train station (A/C/E). His stuff seems pretty out there, but I like it. Its a piece of art that I have wanted to see for a long time now and glad that I had enough sunlight left in the day to see it properly. Also, it was  low tide so I got to see the sculptures fully, as sometimes they are submerged.

Blackwell Island Lighthouse

I do not know when how or why, but for some odd reason, I have always had a weird obsession with lighthouses. Books, movies, pictures, songs, and poems where the only contact I ever had with a lighthouse in all my life. It was not until 2010, during my trip to Maine, that I came across my first ever lighthouse, Portland Head Lighthouse. It was beautiful and ever since then I try to see as many as I can where ever I go. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across many, but I saw the one at Roosevelt Island! Sat don’t on a picnic bench enjoying the view while snacking on an apple. Very peaceful. Especially since the park was empty. I have yet to go to the top of any lighthouse, I hope someday I get to witness the beautiful view I am positive I will be able to see from the top of one.

Bubble Ball Soccer

My first encounter with Bubble Ball Soccer. I am not sure exactly where this gym was located on the island (I got lost and saw no sign) but I passed by and saw a group of people playing it. I had to stop and watch creepily through the gym windows because it was just so unusual! It was hilarious too! People bouncing around and falling and not being able to get up because all they had to work with were their legs and a gigantic bubble suit. I felt like the bubble boy finally found some friends. He-he.

Renwick Smallpox Hospital

This is the reason I ever even heard of Roosevelt Island in the first place. I know I know, how the heck can I live in the city and not know there was a huge island between Manhattan and Queens. The truth is though that I didn’t know anything about it until a few years ago when I did a google search for haunted places in NYC and came across this link. I looked up Roosevelt Island to see where it was and created a trip out of it. Never went on that trip till tonight. Crazy right? Anyway the hospital was cool. Sat at the front of the building in the dark a while waiting to see if anything would happen, you know what with several thousand people dying there, but it was all quiet. It was weirdly calming to sit there looking at it. It was weird though that nothing moved. No wind. Trees, leaves, bushes, nothing moved. No other form of animal life was in the area either. After a while I did walk around to the back of the building and things got incredibly weird. There were no spot lights there, and it was pitch black but you could see the outline of the hospital. I got a weird sense like someone was watching me, my hairs stood on end, and I kept hearing rustling sounds as if people were walking, but there was no wind and no one around. Although I got chills and it was creepy I didn’t really get scared. I was incredibly hungry though so I only left to go find something to eat.


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