#44 Garden and Museum

A Botanical Garden is definitely a trip that should be taken in spring or summer. I only went now in winter because it was free this morning from 10AM – 12PM. Everything was half dead, but remarkably, the garden was still beautiful. Among all the magnificently colored fall leaves on the ground, there were still signs of life here and there. The herb garden still held its lavender, thyme, and sage aromas, while the rock gardens leaf engulfed path was fun to explore.

As my mom hardly ever goes anywhere I took her with me and it was fun to walk around the bare branched trees talking about everything and taking in much needed fresh air. We especially loved the Japanese Garden;  particularly the gigantic koi fishes swimming about the pond, looking to us for scraps of food.

It will now be my mission in life to not only own a backyard I can garden in, but create my own small little koi pond.

When we came to the end of the garden, we exited by the entrance to the Brooklyn Museum, so we decided to take a look around. It was Target’s Free Saturdays (free every first Saturday of a month) so we did not have to pay to enter. We looked around some of the main exhibits, like the Egyptian mummies and the European Paintings. Unfortunately, we were too worn out from our garden walk to see much of the museum (Museum Pictures). I think we will have to go a second time to try and finish everything. Not sure if we will make it though before I leave.


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